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Blue Skies


Traveling to Ojas Retreat Center is simple and there are many options to choose from. Please read on for details on getting here and what to bring with you to prepare you for an enjoyable stay. 

Air Travel

Ojas is located in the Santa Rosa Plateau in Southern California. Part of what makes Ojas a great location is remoteness without being far from services. There are 5 major airports within 90 miles of Ojas. Here they are in distance order:


  • ONT (Ontario/LA/San Bernardino) 51 miles

  • SNA (John Wayne/ Orange County Airport) 62 miles

  • PSP (Palm Springs Airport) 74 miles

  • SAN (San Diego Airport) 75 miles

  • LAX (Los Angeles Airport) 88 miles


Shortest mileage doesn’t always mean the quickest travel time! The easiest travel time/most direct route is from ONT (Ontario) about 50 minutes. ONT has direct flights from 26 cities. The next best option is SAN- it is the largest/most direct flights airport with the easiest road travel time, 65-80 minutes. Although LAX likely has the most air travel options, it is by far the most challenging due to unpredictable traffic. 


Options for getting to Ojas from the airports include renting a vehicle or hiring a car service like Uber or Lyft which typically costs $60-$140 depending on location and timing. Or, a service can be hired such as Temecula Air Shuttle or Transit Van Shuttle to transport an individual or group. 


Arriving by Vehicle (Please read even if you're not the driver!) 

Type “Ojas Retreat Center” in your navigation map. We are the last building on the left. The building is brown and made of cedar wood and stucco and visible through the trees from the street.  Please do not go on any private driveways or up to any gates.


We are directly off the street on the left. There is a rock below a huge pine tree at our entrance that says “Ojas."  Once you see the “Ojas” rock turn into the driveway & park, please do not park on the street. 


If you are arriving early/before your check in time and are looking for a place to hang out there is a cafe and shop called “Adobe” that has a nice vibe about 12 minutes down the hill from Ojas. 

*Please do not "visit" Ojas without a reservation. We are NOT open to the public at any time. 


What to Bring

Ojas is in a Mediterranean climate and at an elevation of about 2500 ft.  Early morning and night time temperatures are generally 20-30 degrees cooler than the day. Humidity is low.  Here’s a short list of items you MAY LIKE TO BRING according to your taste and comfort:  


  • Layers of clothes/Warm Sweatshirt or Sweater

  • Bathing Suit

  • Sunscreen & hat 

  • Close toe trekking/walking shoes (if you plan to hike)

  • Flip flops/slides for walking between buildings and the pool

  • Slippers for inside 

  • Water bottle

  • Journal for taking notes during your retreat

  • Any personal items


What we Have


  • Bath and pool towels

  • Chemical free soap, shampoo, & conditioner & hair dryers

  • Yoga mats, meditation cushions, blankets, and props 

  • Filtered drinking water


***Please know that the above is general information pertaining to Ojas Retreat Center. Your retreat facilitator will be able to provide you with additional specific information relating to your retreat here at Ojas.***

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