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Vetoga Yoga Retreat at Ojas Retreat Center

Come and Stay

Bring a group and relax in the tranquil environment of Ojas Retreat Center located in Santa Rosa Plateau in Southern California where our local surroundings include hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, and award winning wine vineyards.  We host retreats of all kinds including: yoga, meditation, corporate, military/veteran, religious, recovery, and any other retreat you can imagine. 

Ojas is a sanskrit word that means vigor or vitality and refers to the inner fire we need to fulfill our purpose. It is our intention to offer Ojas as a place for restoration, connection, and healing. All are welcome.

What We Offer


At Ojas, you and your group will be in the right place to rest and recharge. Waking from a great night's sleep in our comfortable beds to the sunrise over the Santa Rosa Plateau, you will be in an ideal setting to rest your body and mind.


It's not always easy to feel connected these days. Take the time to reconnect with yourself, nature, and your community in our tranquil setting. Our team is here to support you and your group.


Ojas is a sanskrit word that means vitality and refers to the energy we need to carry out our purpose. Reinvigorate from within and depart with the uplifting energy of Ojas.

Image by Damian Patkowski


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